Fools Cap are successful Serial Entrepreneurs, Project Managers, and Consultants, with over 25 years experience in outdoor events.

What We Do

We have worked at every level, from construction and design of theme parks, to middle management of large food operations, to consulting both festival owners and vendors. While we are happy to share our insights through consulting and project management, we still have our own businesses we love. Those endeavors keep us busy for 5 to 6 months of the year, which is just as fun as it sounds … no kidding.


Who We Are

Phil Perry and Rhonni DuBose, a couple of workaholic gypsies who retreat home to Rockport, Texas in the off-season. Our current schedule has us spending spring in Atlanta, GA, summer in Tuxedo, NY, and fall in Todd Mission, TX


Our Work

Buildings we’ve designed, things we’ve built, folks we’ve helped, and ideas we’ve shared.


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